Employing Biopolitically Discriminate Borders

My latest paper in Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education is titled: “Embodying biopolitically discriminate borders: teachers’ spatializations of race.” I am especially proud of this paper because of how challenging it was to write. How teachers spoke about race and racialized space was an unexpected but deeply interesting theme to emerge inContinue reading “Employing Biopolitically Discriminate Borders”

Contagion Risk, Real and Imagined – Implications for the Future

Social crises offer a unique opportunity to made substantial and rapid change for the future – good or bad. Covid-19 is no different. Today’s pandemic reveals where and when societies fall short. When our healthcare and economic systems are taxed, the communities we most value, the resources we most cherish, and the fragility of certainContinue reading “Contagion Risk, Real and Imagined – Implications for the Future”

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