Community Engagement

  • To solicit community perspectives on the role and relevance of genomics in clinical care and society
  •  To facilitate socially and ethically responsible research and research communication through community-engaged efforts
  • To inform clinical care services and research design through the incorporation of community perspectives and feedback

Adversarial Collaboration

  • To develop an applied ethics research framework that addresses the limitations of embedded ethics, research ethics consultations, and consensus conference approaches
  • To generate productive dialogue on the risks, benefits, and ethical responsibilities of genetics/genomics
  • To develop best practices and ethical guidelines in partnership with individuals of different disciplines and research paradigms
  • To facilitate socially and ethically responsible research and research communication

Genetics, Race, Ethnicity, and Ancestry

  • To ensure race is not posited as a biological category responsible for social inequality
  • To prevent the conflation of race and ancestry
  • To encourage researchers to acknowledge and confront the eugenic history underpinning genomics and instill proactive measure to prevent the misuse and misapplication of genetics

Genetics and Education

  • To assess the social and ethical implications of the advent of genomics in education
  • To develop and evaluate resources and materials that facilitate the responsible interpretation and application of genomic prediction technologies. For example, I co-constructed a repository of FAQs associated with GWAS in social/behavioral genomics that was featured in Nature Genetics
  • To foster educational stakeholders’ and public communities’ genomic literacy to prevent genetic essentialism and biological determinism

Methodological Limitations of Genomic Prediction

  • To stymy overly optimistic interpretations of genome-wide association studies (GWAS) and polygenic scores (PGS)
  • To evaluate the impacts of communication on the methodological limitations of genomic prediction technologies on individuals’ understandings of genomics
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