• Kweon, H., Burik, C. A. P., Linner, R. K., Vlaming, R. de, Okbary, A., Martschenko, D., Harden, K. P., DiPrete, T. A., & Koellinger, P. D. (2020). Genetic Fortune: Winning or Losing Education, Income, and Health. In Tinbergen Institute Discussion Papers (No. 20-053/V; Tinbergen Institute Discussion Papers). Tinbergen Institute.
  • Martschenko, D. (2021). Normalizing Race in Gifted Education: Public Education, Genomics, and Spaces of White Exceptionalism. Critical Studies in Education
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  • Williamson, B., Jasinska, K., Martschenko, D., et. al (2021). Individual Differences.  UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Education for Peace and Sustainable Development (MGIEP)

In Progress

  • Martschenko, D. (2021). Adversarial Collaboration: Interrogating Complicities and Challenges in a Historically-Burdened Field. Sociology of Health and Illness

Interviews/Invited Presentations

  1. December 2020 ELSI Friday Forum, CERAS ELSI Hub                                                                
  2. October 2020 Race in Science, Technology, and Medicine, Stanford University
  3. May 2019: University of Wisconsin Summer Demography Seminar,The New Borderland: Genetics at the Schoolhouse Door
  4. March 2019: This Cambridge Life
  5. December 2018: Polygenic Prediction and its Application in the Social Sciences, Adversarial Collaboration in the Context of an Ugly History and Uncertain Future
  6. September 2018: The Conversation Anthill Podcast, Episode: Inheritance
  7. February 2018: Drive Time Podcast on IQ Tests

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