Academic Publications

  1. Martschenko, D. (2020). Embodying biopolitically discriminate borders: Teachers’ spatializations of race. Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education, 0(0), 1–14.
  2. Kweon, H., Burik, C. A. P., Linner, R. K., Vlaming, R. de, Okbary, A., Martschenko, D., Harden, K. P., DiPrete, T. A., & Koellinger, P. D. (2020). Genetic Fortune: Winning or Losing Education, Income, and Health. In Tinbergen Institute Discussion Papers (No. 20-053/V; Tinbergen Institute Discussion Papers). Tinbergen Institute.
  3. Martschenko, D. (2020). “The train has left the station”: The arrival of the biosocial sciences in education. Research in Education, 0034523720914636.
  4. Martschenko, D. (2019). DNA Dreams’: Teacher Perspectives on the Role and Relevance of Genetics for Education. Research in Education, 003452371986995.
  5. Martschenko, D. (2019). The New Borderland: A Mixed-Methods Examination of Teacher Perceptions of Intelligence, Race, and Socioeconomic Status in Relation to Behavior Genetics (Doctoral Thesis). University of Cambridge
  6. Martschenko, D., Trejo, S., & Domingue, B. W. (2019). Genetics and Education: Recent Developments in the Context of an Ugly History and an Uncertain Future. AERA Open, 5(1), 2332858418810516.

Interviews/Invited Presentations

  1. May 2019: University of Wisconsin Summer Demography Seminar,The New Borderland: Genetics at the Schoolhouse Door
  2. March 2019: This Cambridge Life
  3. December 2018: Polygenic Prediction and its Application in the Social Sciences, Adversarial Collaboration in the Context of an Ugly History and Uncertain Future
  4. September 2018: The Conversation Anthill Podcast, Episode: Inheritance
  5. February 2018: Drive Time Podcast on IQ Tests
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