Transcending Borders in the Ethical Oversight of Human Genome Editing

This past week Ayesha Rasheed and I wrote a piece that featured on the Hasting’s Center Blog, you can read it here. Both of us are deeply interested in the ELSI (ethical, legal, and social implications) of Genetics Research and together started thinking about a few central questions: What processes, developments, movements earlier in theContinue reading “Transcending Borders in the Ethical Oversight of Human Genome Editing”

Reading List: Race & Genetics

I had a friend recently ask for a reading list on race and genetics. They had read the NYT OpEd by Bret Stephens and wanted to understand why race science continues to exist, how people think about genetics, and how people think about race in relation to genetics. In response, I’ve compiled the following. RecommendationsContinue reading “Reading List: Race & Genetics”