The Challenges of Research Access and Accessible Research

Check out a blog post I wrote last week for Cambridge University FERSA on the challenges of research access and conducting accessible research!

FERSA University of Cambridge Blog

By Daphne Martschenko,Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge

Historically-Burdened Concepts

InSeptember 1998, my mother walked me the ten minutes from our home in suburban Virginia to Mosby Woods Elementary School, named after the American Confederate Ranger John Singleton Mosby. I was to be enrolled in the first grade. When my parents tell me this story, they talk about my mother’s thick Nigerian accent and my grandmother, who spoke no English, and who accompanied us that day. Soon after I was enrolled, I was placed into a remedial reading program. According to my father, who is White, this was without justification: the school assumed I was growing up in a single-parent immigrant household with limited English. After he went to Mosby Woods to ask why I had been identified for special education, I found myself back in the ‘regular’ classroom.

Daphne Martschenko, PhD in Education

My experiences with the US education…

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