The Trickle Down (political) Economy of Genetics Research

I’ve been really intrigued by the argument that genetics research would make research in the social sciences ‘more robust.’ That is, the idea that social science research is missing a key factor that could be compounding results: genetics. Using education as an example, I’ve heard the argument that in the high-stakes educational environment we findContinue reading “The Trickle Down (political) Economy of Genetics Research”

The Anthill Podcast: Inheritance

I am weeks away from submitting my PhD! As such, I have fairly little time for blog posts. However, I was recently interviewed for The Conversation UK month podcast “The Anthill.” This month’s episode is titled “Inheritance.” In it, I speak about the ugly history behind the study of intelligence and genetics and advocate forContinue reading “The Anthill Podcast: Inheritance”

Adversarial Collaboration

Dorothy Robert argues that behavior genetics researchers have a social responsibility to think about the context in which their work is produced (Dorothy Roberts, 2015). To facilitate more socially-responsible research, I advocate for ‘adversarial collaboration.’ I first came across this term at a Special Interest Group meeting at the 2017 American Educational Research Association annualContinue reading “Adversarial Collaboration”