Teacher Perceptions Matter.

Teacher perceptions matter. In conducting research on teacher perceptions of intelligence, race, and socioeconomic status in relation to genetics, I am driven by a body of research showing that teacher viewpoints more strongly affect students of color and students living in poverty; they disproportionately and adversely affect students considered to be ‘at-risk’–namely low-income students and racially-definedContinue reading “Teacher Perceptions Matter.”

The Conversation on Inferiority

In May 1904, Francis Galton presented a public lecture to the British Sociological Society at the London School of Economics. His presentation was on eugenics, a term he’d coined only a couple decades earlier in 1883. Galton claimed that eugenics ought to be “introduced into the national consciousness, like a new religion” (Mukherjee, 2016, p.Continue reading “The Conversation on Inferiority”