“Just Because You’re Black, You Can Be Smart”

I just returned from #AERA2018 after a travel nightmare both there and back. However, I’m so glad I was able to present some of my quantitative findings alongside some impressive scholars who took time afterwards to give me advice on “what comes next.” I want to start with a story. This really moved me inContinue reading ““Just Because You’re Black, You Can Be Smart””

“Dystopian DNA?: Public Education, Genetics, and the Popular Imagination.”

A new modality of racism and classism connected to genetics is emerging, one that challenges the possibilities and necessities of equitable education and naturalizes inequalities and borders. This symposium explores the threats and possibilities that historical and emerging biosocial sciences pose to equitable public education, particularly in relation to race and class. Panelists critically engageContinue reading ““Dystopian DNA?: Public Education, Genetics, and the Popular Imagination.””

Can Only White People Be Racist?

Racism is not something particular to the United States & race is not the same everywhere in the world. Racial categories serve particular contextual purposes depending on the society they are used in, but generally follow the base logic of the supremacy of one type of human body over all others (ordering these human bodiesContinue reading “Can Only White People Be Racist?”