Statistics & Prognosis: Living in Disease Categories

Prognosis of life-threatening illnesses is a challenge faced by both the medical staff who deliver a prognosis and the patient who receives it. Nicholas Christakis’s chapter on prognosis in Death Foretold shows how when “physicians prognosticate, they confront some of the most serious, emotional, and meaningful aspects of their professional practice” (Christakis, 1999).  Diagnosis hasContinue reading “Statistics & Prognosis: Living in Disease Categories”

The Burdens and Understandings of Illness and Care: A Multi-Voice Narrative

I know it is perhaps strange so much of this blog centers on medicine, but I find that gaining and understanding of clinical ethics or medical anthropology (in which I completed my undergraduate degree), gives a solid foundation for my current work. Genetics research overlaps with biomedicine. Behavior genetics may one day become medicalized inContinue reading “The Burdens and Understandings of Illness and Care: A Multi-Voice Narrative”