Today I wanted to provide a brief crash course in the decolonizing movement in relation to my current work which falls within bioethics and the sociology of education. “Sociology arises alongside a self-understanding of the world” (Bhambra, 2016) What is the decolonizing movement? Decolonizing efforts: Argue that there is a silenced view of the world/worldContinue reading “Decolonize”

Am I being socially-responsible?

I received an email I found alarming last weekend. I knew when I began my research that I was touching upon very charged topics. My aim was, and has always been, to try and look at how contemporary genetics research does/might engage with notions of equity in a country that divides its citizens along raceContinue reading “Am I being socially-responsible?”

Big Pharma: Deception and Manipulation Increase Revenue

Social and individual perceptions dictate the discourse surrounding illness, diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment options. Stigma, stereotypes, and assumptions determine the quality of care one receives not only in the medical field, but more generally in society. Public opinion and public relations mold the ways in which health care functions. The role outlets such as theContinue reading “Big Pharma: Deception and Manipulation Increase Revenue”