Genetic Inequality: Commodification and Social Disease

Last week I looked at Jonathan Khan’s Race in a Bottle. I briefly mentioned Michael Montoya’s work Making the Mexican Diabetic: Race, Science, and the Genetics of Inequality. I recommend this book as it is a powerful piece that explores the politics and ethics of the diabetic research process. The racialization of disease in medical research is dangerous.Continue reading “Genetic Inequality: Commodification and Social Disease”

The Narrative of Race: Simplification and Biologization in Biomedicine and Pharmacology

Science is not separate from the system. There is a structure and a narrative within which science is embedded; failure to recognize that science does not always possess an inherent infallibility and objectivity is lethal.

The Toxicity of Disease Categories & The Politics of Diagnosis

Disease categories exist within the field of medicine. The formation of categories place patients into tightly-labeled, assumption-riddled boxes. The categorization of disease, and as a result of patients, in many instances, disrupts quality of care and medical efficiency. It is important to recognize the history and historicity of disease categories, and the social factors thatContinue reading “The Toxicity of Disease Categories & The Politics of Diagnosis”