Wake up.

Today, groups like the Alt-Right, Neo-Nazis, and our POTUS use genetic ideologies to announce superiority, justify privilege, and legitimize marginalization/discrimination/racism.

E.g. Trump believes he possesses ‘superior genes’.

He’s also said, “his high I.Q. cabinet [that is predominantly White and male] will unify the nation.’

Now, let’s take a second to think about how much value we place on a concept like intelligence, how this quality has been used historically by eugenics movements, and the ways in which Science and the concept of the ‘gene’ links up with this.

But, let’s also think about where the field of ‘biosocial sciences’ could go and the potentially transformative impact it could have on our understandings of inequity, racism, and discrimination. Dorothy Roberts highlights this in her Tanner Lectures talk in early November 2016.

Given our current political situation and the increased voice Alt-Right groups are finding, let’s make sure we stay aware and call out the mis-use of genetics research and the inappropriate use of ‘genetic ideologies’ and vocabulary.

Published by historicallyburdenedconcepts

Bi-racial butterfly interested in bioethics, sociogenomics, impacts on understandings of inequities

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